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Welcome to the VRLI’s Echo Arena section, join the competition in 4v4 matches in a zero g environment of  a wild and breathtaking pace. Make your way through all your opponents working alongside your teammates to reach the goal and score! Climb up the VRLI’s leaderboards and join out Hall of Fame!


The VRLI’s rulebook is structured in a way that guarantees  an always better game quality and an always more fiery competition, with respect towards all athletes.

The VRLI’s rulebook is structured in a way that guarantees  an always better game quality and an always more fiery competition, with respect towards all athletes.

VRLI is an Italian organization that engages/deals with E-Sports competitions, all European players that comply with the rules are allowed to participate.

Un giocatore può partecipare solo se il suo ping, come visualizzato sul tabellone segna punti, è costantemente al di sotto del limite: 150.

Se, durante una partita, il ping di un giocatore è continuamente superiore al limite di ping, non è più idoneo a giocare nella partita e deve essere sostituito con un altro giocatore nella squadra del giocatore il cui ping rientra nei limiti accettabili.

Quando la situazione non è chiara, è necessario premere il pulsante “pausa” e un membro dello staff VRLI si unirà alla partita per prendere una decisione. Se le squadre continuano a giocare senza avvisare un membro dello Staff, le condizioni in cui verrà disputata la partita saranno considerate accettate da entrambi i capitani delle squadre ed il risultato sarà considerato valido.

Se un giocatore deve essere sostituito durante una partita a causa di una violazione della regola del limite del Ping, la squadra che necessita di una sostituzione deve utilizzare un timeout (vedi Problemi tecnici e timeout di seguito). Se il timeout passa senza che un giocatore sostituto si sia unito alla partita, il gioco deve riprendere 3v4

VRLI will generate match-ups at the beginning of the season, afterwards the calendar will be made public. Occasionally, significant situations or events outside of the player’s control that may affect both teams’ ability to play in a scheduled match (a patch that renders the game unplayable, for example). In this case, the match may be rescheduled to the following week, pending the approval of a staff member.

Once a match has begun, it must be completed during a single session.
The maximum allowed amount of time between rounds is 5 minutes, that being 4 minutes plus the standard 1 minute break between rounds. If this amount of time is exceeded, one of the two teams is allowed to resume the game and continue playing.
A match must be played for 3 consecutive rounds. Every round won will award the team with 1 point on the leaderboard.
Matches must be played in 4v4.
4v3 may be played only upon failure in finding a league substitute in time for the match.
3v3 may be played only upon failure from both teams in finding a league substitute, in this case, 3v3 is mandatory, both teams must still attempt to find a league substitute.
All teams must begin every round with a minimum of 3 players on their roster.
If a team goes below 3 players during a round, that team may use their timeout, if available, to try getting a player back in the game. If unsuccessful, they must keep playing with one less player. Any player that is part of the round’s roster, may still join back in any moment during said round.
From the moment a match begins to the moment it ends, a team may at no time have 5 players in the arena while the match timer is running.
During a timeout, teams may have 5 players in the arena for up to 30 seconds exclusively for the purpose of a substitution.
If it is necessary for a team to make a substitution while the match timer is running, the teams must wait for the player being replaced to leave the match completely before an invitation is sent out to their replacement.
At the beginning of a match both teams must agree to the match settings and only then will its results be valid. When joining a private arena, the match’s default settings are already mostly correct. In doubt they should be set to what follows:

Page 1

MINUTES = 10:00

SECONDS = 00:00



Page 2





Page 3





Page 4





Page 5





Page 6



No team must voluntarily forfeit any match.
It is forbidden to take any improper action that may affect a match’s results in any way. Improper actions include, but are not limited to: Playing only with headbutts, self goaling without any strategic reasoning, playing without the intent of winning, etc.

Before the beginning of the September 2022 season, qualifiers will be held to determine your MMR(?) and establish the initial positioning of all teams that applied to the competition. After the first season we will proceed as follows

Teams will be split in different divisions relative to their results in previous seasons.
According to the amount of teams in each division, at the end of every season, the highest ranked teams of one division will challenge the lowest ranked teams in the next division over to try and take their place, the winning teams will advance on to the next division, while the losing teams will remain in their current one.

Teams have a time window of 10 minutes from the scheduled starting time of the match to have all their members in the arena and ready to start the game, all teams should do their best to begin their matches at their scheduled starting time.
Once the 10 minute buffer is over, the team responsible for the delay loses the first round.
If 10 more minutes pass and the team is still a no-show they will be declared losers of the match and the opposing team will receive a score of 30-0 (10 points per round).

Teams are responsible of all their technical issues, these include but are not limited to hardware, software and internet related issues.
In case of technical issues :
Players may press the pause button to call for a timeout. A timeout may only be called once per match for each team. Were more issues to arise, players must decide to continue with said issues or give up the round.
The round will continue if the issues aren’t solved within 5 minutes.
If a timeout is called illegally, or the timeout of a team lasts more than is allowed, both teams may resume the game at any time.
If a player has left the match but is again able to join back, they may do so at any time, provided that there are never more than 4 players on one team while the match timer is running.
The restart button should only be used after a round is over, or if the settings of a game as set beforehand are discovered to be incorrect after the game has begun.
If team A calls for a timeout and team B resumes the game before the timeout exceeds its legal time limit, team A may stop the game once more. Illegally resuming a timeout can lead to according punishment.

Una volta trascorso il buffer di 10 minuti, la squadra responsabile del ritardo perde il primo round.

Se trascorrono altri 10 minuti senza l’inizio della partita, la squadra responsabile viene ufficialmente dichiarata “non pervenuta” e verrà assegnato un punteggio di 30-0 (10-0 per round) all’avversario.

Problemi tecnici e timeout

le squadre sono responsabili di tutti i propri problemi tecnici. Ciò include, ma non è limitato a, problemi hardware, software e Internet.

In caso di problemi tecnici:

I giocatori possono premere il pulsante “pausa” per chiamare un timeout. Un timeout può essere richiesto solo una volta per squadra, per partita. Se sorgono ulteriori problemi, i giocatori devono decidere se continuare il round con i propri problemi tecnici, per esempio giocatori che hanno lasciato la partita, o rinunciare al round.

Il round continua se i problemi non vengono risolti entro 5 minuti.

Se una pausa viene chiamata illegalmente, o se la pausa di una squadra dura più a lungo di quanto consentito dalle regole, entrambe le squadre possono riattivare la partita per riprendere il gioco.

Se un giocatore si è ritirato ma è in grado di riprendere la partita, può farlo in qualsiasi momento, purché non ci siano mai più di 4 giocatori nell’arena, per squadra, contemporaneamente, mentre il cronometro di gioco continua.

Il pulsante “riavvia” dovrebbe essere utilizzato solo dopo che una partita è finita, o se le regole della partita, come impostate sul podio, sono risultate errate dopo che la partita è iniziata.

Se la squadra A utilizza un timeout legale e la squadra B riprende la pausa prima che il timeout abbia superato il suo limite di tempo legale, la squadra A può fermarsi di nuovo per riprendere il timeout. Riattivare illegalmente un timeout può portare ad azioni punitive.

Players may not compete with more than one account, this is to guarantee fair play as it facilitates a more accurate monitoring of statistics.
Players and teams must play using their recorded VRLI team name.
All contents of a player’s profile or a team’s profile must respect the following rules: All contents including names, logos and artworks etc, are forbidden if:
Protected by copyright/third party rights and or royalties and the user has no written permission;
Resembles or is identical to a trademark, registered or not;
Resembles or is identical to a real person different from oneself;
Resembles or is identical to a VRLI representative (excluding the same VRLI representatives using the name)
Is regarded to be too hard to read, distinguish, interpret or have multiple unnecessary characters;
Is nonsensical foolishness.
Adding to the above, profiles are forbidden from containing anything defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-semitic, that prompts hate or in any way offensive in regard to common sense and manners. It is also forbidden to abuse alternative or incomprehensible spelling to go against all requirements that are mentioned above.
All players must come to an agreement with the manager, or captain if the team lacks a manager, on how much time that player is bound to that team (for example, 1 season, 2 seasons etc.), the player must then play for as long as was specified in the agreement mandatorily.
To form a new team you will need:
4 players that aren’t members of an active team
A logo to register the team with
A player to be appointed captain
A member of the VRLI staff reserves the right to suspend or disqualify any non-compliant players or teams
Players must falsely represent a team they are not official members of
Players recognize and accept Echo Arena guidelines on Age Limits and Terms of Use
Players recognize and accept the regulations of their Virtual Reality Headsets, for example: Oculus Terms of Use
Players recognize and accept Discord Terms of Use
Additional norms or regional guidelines may be applied based on the player’s geographical location.
For a team to become official, they must:
Register their team’s logo;
Be members of the VRLI Discord Server;
Play a minimum of 5 official matches “out of season”.
The maximum number of players per team is 5.
Players that belong to one team are not allowed to stand in for another team.
Team changes are possible, according to an agreement between captains and players, and will only be possible in the timeslots between seasons.

An “unofficial observer” is any entity in spectator mode during an official match that is not a caster, a VRLI moderator or any other VRLI staff present in the match explicitly for official VRLI purposes.
VRLI reserves all the exclusive rights to casting VRLI matches. VRLI may give third parties the rights to the casting of one or more matches. In this case, the terms and conditions should be agreed to with VRLI management before a match. The presence of unofficial observers in a match that is being cast by the VRLI is forbidden.
VRLI encourages recording and production of content related to VRLI, including the use of “bot” spectators like ECHO SHADOWS or SPARK
In general, VRLI will broadcast the maximum possible number of matches.
If VRLI is broadcasting a match, additional spectators are not allowed in that match for any reason, exceptions are made for the bots mentioned above.
VRLI has the right to forbid individuals/entities from watching VRLI matches.
All teams must allow VRLI staff members entrance in official matches.
Official broadcasts will be streamed via VRLI’s designated Twitch channel
VRLI Casters must abide to the code of conduct accepted by the Caster Coordinator and approved by VRLI Moderators.

La VRLI si riserva i diritti esclusivi sul casting delle partite VRLI. La VRLI può cedere a terzi i diritti di casting di una partita o di più partite. In questo caso, i termini e le condizioni dovrebbero essere concordati con la direzione della VRLI prima della partita. Non sono ammessi osservatori non ufficiali in una partita “castata” dalla VRLI.

La VRLI incoraggia registrazioni e produzioni di contenuti correlati ed inerenti alla VRLI anche utilizzando “bot” spettatori come ECHO SHADOWS o SPARK

In generale, la VRLI trasmetterà il maggior numero possibile di partite

Se la VRLI sta trasmettendo una partita, non sono ammessi spettatori aggiuntivi, per nessun motivo, in quella partita, fatta eccezione per i bot sopracitati..

La VRLI può vietare a individui/entità specifiche di osservare le partite della VRLI.


Tutte le squadre devono consentire ai membri dello staff VRLI l’accesso alle partite ufficiali.

Le trasmissioni ufficiali saranno mandate in streaming tramite il canale Twitch VRLI designato (

I Caster della VRLI devono attenersi al codice di condotta accettato dal Coordinatore dei Caster e approvato dai Moderatori di Lega.

Any cheating, exploiting or violation of the rules must be brought to VRLI Staff’s attention who may sanction the rulebreaker with penalties such as: considering a round lost, disqualifying the player of the whole team, etc.
“Cheating” is defined as any intentional or inconsiderate manipulation of the game or its code in a way that grants one side or another an unfair advantage.
“Exploit” is defined as any intentional or inconsiderate activation of the game’s code, attribute or function that is otherwise not considered a legitimate characteristic of the game from Ready At Dawn. Some examples include:
Any action, not considered a legitimate game mechanic, that:
Makes the player move faster than the maximum expected speed
Makes the player get out of the map’s boundaries.
“Violation” is defined as:
Clipping inside of solid objects/floors (utilizing distance scaling or not)
Use of a VPN or any other method of manipulation of one’s own internet connection for the purpose of increasing delay and ping or playing in a region different than the one the player currently resides in. The use of a VPN is otherwise allowed, as long as it doesn’t break the ping limit rule;
Any other fancy trick.

To allow for a pad zone for non intentional movements, a 1,5m x 1,5m physical playing space is allowed. If a player goes over the limits of this space, this can lead to the enforcement of penalties to the player or team who broke the rules.

Any use of the spectator function by the participants during official matches, directly or indirectly, to gain an advantage of any kind is considered cheating.
Any use of external streaming (stream sniping) relative to a match’s content, its circumstances or anything related to it that might give a player or team and unfair advantage is considered cheating.
The use of any object that might favor physical movement (with the exception of the floor, the ground or a mat for a participant’s playspace) is forbidden. These banned objects include but are not limited to trampolines, couches, stairs, beds, etc.
Movement inside the legal boundaries of the playspace set above may allow the players to add real movement speed to virtual reality movement speed for a small and brief increase in velocity, we will call this a “Legal Step”. It is also possible for the avatar of a player to rotate using pitch and or roll so that real movements like squats or sidestepping add momentum towards a specific direction they are moving in (Game Vector), when it their original orientation these movements are used to move towards a different direction, we call this a “Half-Cycle”. Combining a Legal Step with a Half-Cycle is considered an exploit. However, due to the difficulty of determining the difference between a Half-Cycle combined with a Legal Step and a singular Half-Cycle both from video and SPARK files, the Half-Cycle itself is now completely illegal.
The use of API is allowed only if the gathered data is:
Not elaborated in real time, unless used in:
SPARK(formerly IgniteBot)

The violation of any of the rules above is punishable after being reviewed by the members of staff.
Members of staff reserve the rights to:
Cancel or edit the scores for any match after it has been played;
Take disciplinary action for any suspected bad conduct from a player;
Redact, edit, publish and interpret the League’s rules;
Solve controversies and pass judgements;
Formal controversies between League teams and their members must be brought up directly to staff members via Discord;
Baseless allegations against players via any public means are considered as an act of bad conduct;
The members of staff, with respect to the contribution of the developers, take decisions on various issues on the basis of the relevant facts. Appropriate consideration will be given to the opinions ofall those involved. Within these considerations, the League Moderators will attribute the most importance to the presence/absence of less or more detrimental evidence. (for example: in game recordings, in chat logs etc.).
In case of a conflict of interest, the members of staff may choose to abstain from deciding, or commenting in any way on a matter as League Moderators.
Reports relative to rule violations during a match must be submitted within 48 hour of the match’s starting time. Reports of this kind, submitted after 48 hours of the match’s starting time will not be taken into consideration.


Nelle varie sezioni delle squadre e dei giocatori potrete trovare diverse abbreviazioni, di seguito verranno mostrate tutte le sigle ed i loro significati, per poter comprendere al meglio ogni dettaglio.

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