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global blast

The regulation of the Blaston VRLI competitions is structured to guarantee an ever better quality of play and an increasingly heated competition, with respect for all registered athletes.

The VRLI Global Blast is a 2 stage tournament divided in Group Stage and Bracket Stage and will always take place in 2 weekends.

1st Phase – Group Stage

During the first weekend players will be divided (trough competitive seeding) into groups composed by X players where the X is based on the number of total partecipants.

Players schedule their games with their opponents any time during the weekend and report their results to the Event Manager Tinnunculus on the VRLI discord.

Each player will have to play each other player from their respective group.

Stage 1 will not be officially streamed but community streams are welcome!

If you want to stream any group stage matches, contact the Event Manager  Tinnunculus on the VRLI discord.

2nd stage-Double Elimination will take place during the second weekend.
Top 8 players from the group phase will compete through a double elimination bracket. 

  • All group stage games are best of 5
  • All games of the bracket are best of 5 exeption made for the Grand Final which is best of 7
  • You get points for as many Matches won you get! For example: A 3-2 win would give you 1 points and your opponent 0 points. A 3-0 win would give you 1 point and your opponent 0 points.
  • Player/Players with most points from each group advances to the finals.
  • In case of a tie between 2 players, head to head performance will be taken into account in making a decision.
  • In case of a tie between head to head performance the sum of the single game won will be taken into account.
  • If a player qualifies for the finals and is not able to compete then the next player with the most points across all groups will take their spot.
  • 1st weekend group phase
  • 2nd weekend bracket phase (finals)
  • If you cannot play both days of the finals you will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • The exact dates will be displayed on Discord
  • All tournaments and matches must follow the official Resolution Games Code Of Conduct. This is to ensure that all players can feel safe and have fun while engaging in competition in games made by Resolution Games. You will find the Code of Conduct on the official Blaston Discord.
  • This tournament is Global.
  • This tournament also does its best to prevent lag in an online environment. To do so, there is a lag dispute procedure each player must follow in case they wish to dispute their opponent on the basis of game-altering lag.
  • If you wish to dispute your opponent you must first complete your match.
  • During your match you need to take any clip(s) of lag that occur to validify your claims and help the TO assist you to better understand what form of lag occurred.
  • Limit your dispute to wherever the TO tells you to discuss lag disputes.
  • There you can post your clips, your speed test (as seen in the step after the next), and ping a TO who is helping to run the tournament and they will help direct you. Post your speed results that can be taken from the website
  • TO assisting you has the right to either stick with the standings of your match or advance either player. All decisions are final.
  • You will be immediately disqualified from the tournament if you are found hiding your identity to manipulate the bracket/seeding.
  • The only exception to this rule is if the player notifies a TO prior to the registration end date.
  • Anyone who is not present for their match by 10 minutes past the scheduled start time is subject to a total disqualification from their match.
  • Between 15-30 minutes before a game start the players have to confirm their presence otherwise they will be considered Absent with a consequent forfeit
  • Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a game or committing any other form of bracket manipulation.
  • No offensive or sexual gestures are to take place before, during, in-between or after matches by players.
  • This is according to the Blaston Code of Conduct, and offenses will lead to immediate disqualification and can lead to bans depending on the severity of the breach of the CoC.
  • Social Gestures Players are encouraged to show sportsmanship before, during, in-between and matches. However, this does not mean players are required to engage in social gestures such as high fives, and fistbumps. If a high five or fist bump is offered but not received, it is not considered a breach of rules.
  • Players are not allowed to use any type of platform, furniture or equipment to raise themselves from the in-game platform in an unnatural way.
  • This is to maintain competitive integrity, but also to prevent players from sustaining injuries to themselves when playing Blaston.
  • Players are not allowed to recenter themselves excessively during active rounds.
  • No player is forced to use Voice Chat before, during, in-between or after matches.
  • If a player asks the opponent to use voice chat but it is rejected – it shouldn’t be questioned.
  • If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment of Tournament Staff is final.
  • Rules may be altered between phases of a tournament in the best interests of the event. For example: number of groups might change depending on the number of participants.
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